Sunday, February 01, 2004

Here is another photo of you that I recently found. I have no clue where you were when this was taken.

Jo-Jo just got a big boy bed. No more cribs in the house. I guess that is a little sad.

Mommy and Jack went ice skating and Joe and I are watching the Super Bowl. Actually, I am watching the Super Bowl and Joe is sitting next to me watching Ice Age on the portable DVD. Joe currently is addicted to Chex Mix, which he calls "Mex Mix." He is eating them with his right hand and his left hand is on my lap. Joe is awfully cute. He gives great hugs and great kisses. When I walk in the door he runs and wraps his arms around me (just like you used to do), and I fall over with him on top of me and we hug. There is nothing better. Well one thing. On Friday when I walked in the house from work, Jack ran over and jumped in my arms and Joe ran over and wrapped his arms around my legs. I had a top to bottom Goldberg boys hug. That was the absolute best. I am truly lucky.

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