Sunday, February 01, 2004

Jack's class and the other first grade class came to XM for a field trip. I think they all had a good time. Everyone got to be on XMKiDS. They introduced "13 Under 13" which is the show where they play the most favorite songs of the week.

Jack was very excited and did a lot of talking as I took everyone on the tour. I had to "shush" him a few times. I definitely didn't want to be hard on him, but at the same time I wanted all of the other kids to hear what was going on. Mom said that I did okay. I am glad that it made Jack feel good. Jack's friend Maxwell wants everyone to come visit his Mom's work. She works at the jail. Now that would be an interesting field trip.

In true Mom-fashion, I made sure that I put together good "party bags" for all of the kids. There were light up pens and stickers and XM smushy brains and a whole lot of other neat things. I even put an article about XM in the bags so the parents would know where their kids went on their field trip.

I am so sorry you never knew XM. I guess it is all Jack's and that is nice and special.

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