Sunday, January 01, 2006

The other day Mom told me that Joe is talking with her a lot about death. I said that he doesn't talk about it with me. Until yesterday. We were in the car and Joe explained,

"If we die we won't kiss or hug."

One of my favorite times of day is when I am dropping off Joe at school. Right before I leave, I say "Kiss and hug." Joe jumps up into my arms and we kiss and then hug and then I am okay to leave. The hug usually lasts a while.

Joe also said that he doesn't know where he'll go when he dies. He said that he doesn't want to be by himself.

Mom and I both tell him that he isn't going to die for a very, very long time. Someone told Mom that it is okay to just say, "You aren't going to die."

Neither of us can say that, though.

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