Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sorry I haven't written, but know I have been thinking about you constantly.

These are pictures from Sunday when we went sledding at Battery Kemble Park. It is the best sledding in Washington. What was weird was I flew to Los Angeles just a few hours after sledding, so by the evening I was somewhere warm. I just got back this morning, and tomorrow morning I leave for New York.

I've told you that when I travel I have a lot of time to think of you. Now I watch movies of you on my iPod. I also watch a lot of my favorite TV shows which I record on TiVo and movies. I am reading this biography of Walt Disney and watching some of the old cartoons and animated films, like Fantasia, Snow White and Dumbo. I watched Iron Giant on my way to California. I love that movie. "Rock." "Tree." I loved watching with you. Iron Giant isn't a Disney movie, but the deer scene in it is purposely like what happens in Bambi. Do you remember how you got an Iron Giant toy robot at the Make A Wish event at the Willard Hotel.

When I was in the airport waiting for my plane, I ran into a very old friend of mine, Kathy, who grew up across the street from me. We hadn't seen each other in forever. She was on her way to Zurich, Switzerland which is in Europe. Mommy goes to China next month and that is even farther away. I told Kathy about you and you dying, and it was hard not to get emotional. I just did it as fast as I could.

Kathy was really sweet. She told me that for her daughter's birthday everyone came with Teddy Bears for kids in the hospital instead of bringing presents. Isn't that great. I liked seeing her and catching up on old times. I have been in touch with a lot of my high school friends lately, which has been really nice.

I love you.

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