Friday, May 30, 2008

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This is the kind of thing Mom needs to put on the Hope for Henry Foundation blog. It is an email from one of the people we work with at Georgetown. Hope for Henry bought a laptop with a built in microphone and speech recognition for a boy named Jabie who is being treated at Georgetown and who is losing his sight.

All in your name and your memory. Thanks for making this happen.

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From: Arbuthnot, Sharron

Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 16:18:47
Subject: RE: had to write

Hi Laurie, Jabie just came in and got his computer!! I wish you had been here, your husband, too. He was so excited, almost too excited...he didn't want to open it, and then when he did he peeked at it and put it back in the bag so nothing happens to it. His sister took pictures, and Jen and Demi offerred to help him turn it on, but he said he was too worried about it. So cute!!! He said he's going to wait until he's home and can do it carefully. I told him you had been here earlier today and he was definitely disappointed that he missed you. Jen assured him that you would be here again and that you would meet. What a great day! Thank you for your gift to Jabie, but also thank you from me. This job is hard sometimes, but seeing Jabie's face was....well, it was the perfect cure for tough times. Thanks, Sharron

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