Sunday, August 03, 2008

It was gorgeous today, so Mom suggested we go to Sugarloaf Mountain. We did some hiking and climbing on boulders.

As we turned onto Sugarloaf Mountain Road, we passed by the little country store where I once carried you in to buy pumpkins. I don't know if you were really sick or if you just didn't have the right shoes (maybe there was snow on the ground).

As of a few weeks ago, Joe officially became too heavy for me to carry. I think he fell asleep on the couch watching a baseball game, what else, and I had to do the "transfer." The transfer is what Mom and I have always called successfully getting you into your beds -- from the car, the couch, the wherever you may have fallen asleep -- without waking you up.

I did get Joe into his bed, but the next morning when I woke up I couldn't move. My back had tightened up and it hurt to do anything other than lay on our bed. That was kinda uncomfortable too.

Whenever we pass that store near Sugarloaf, Mom says,"Hey, that's where we bought pumpkins." And whenever we pass that store, I think "that's where I carried Henry."

When we got home, Joe made his usual pitch to go out and play baseball at Stoddert. As we were leaving the field a mouse skittered right past me. I ran after it and caught him in my mitt. Very cute little guy. Joe was freaked out.

Right now I am sitting with Jack watching the Redskins play a preseason game at Canton, Ohio. Your Tootsie Roll-fueled cornerback, Darrell Green, was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton yesterday.

Yeah, the 'Skins won. This goes into the books as a pretty perfect day.

Love you.

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