Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I gave Joe the picture book I made for him of photos of you and him, and photos of you playing baseball or with baseball players. You don't look so good in the photos of the two of you, but I didn't have much to work with.

At first Joe didn't understand where it came from. I kidded him that I bought it at Barnes and Noble. Then I explained that I made it on the computer. I think he likes it. I put it up on his night-table.

I think he wanted more text. He is learning to read right now - he read all of Green Eggs and Ham to me last night - and he was looking for words but there is only print on the cover and the back of the book.

Jack was there when I gave it to Joe. I said that I'd make him one if he ever wanted it. I try not to push you in his face 'cause I know he has his own way of dealing with you and his grief.

I think Mom's book will be a much nicer way for us all to remember you. When I read the draft I start choosing photos that go along with the action. I think we can put together a nice little movie of photos and video that can accompany or help sell the book.

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