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Published/Last Modified on Friday, December 26, 2008 11:03 AM CST

Dylan shows signs of improvement
Della Batts, Herald Staff Writer

ROANOKE RAPIDS— After two months, Dylan Moore is starting to show progress in his recovery from a bone marrow transplant he received in October. Moore, a 7-year-old who has stolen the hearts of all who know him, suffers from a rare form of anemia, Fanconi anemia.

Family and friends have rallied to support the family, and several fundraisers sponsored by the Eagles Club and many others were held to provide for the family during Moore’s lengthy illness.

Moore suffered from kidney failure early on after the procedure and had to endure dialysis daily. He recently developed an infection, similar to mono, and was put on a respirator. High fevers and  unanswered questions plagued the family as everyone held their breath and prayed for a miracle.

Moore was finally removed from the respirator about a week before Christmas. Worry still prevailed however, as his kidneys still refused to function.

Early Christmas Eve morning, prayers were answered as Moore’s kidneys functioned for the first time since his surgery. “It was only a little and it was the color of coffee … This is a very good sign that his kidneys are trying to work some!!!!” wrote his mother, Betsy.

She went on to say that he is still having trouble with the dialysis, his blood pressure jumps all over the place, his heart rate slows to unthinkable levels, and doctors don’t understand why he has such sever reactions. Perhaps the new developments in his recovery will negate his need for dialysis soon.

In the meantime some of his family has come in and he will be able to see them for Christmas.

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