Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mom said that it is getting time to help her put together the photos for her book. Wow. I am incredibly excited but at the same time intimidated by that. There are so many great photos, I'd want to include them all. It is going to be hard to choose.

Here is a photo of you from the Central Park petting zoo. I "borrowed" it from Nana when she pulled out a big box of her pictures when we were in St. Michaels in December on the anniversary of your death. I wish there was a "hi-def" scanner. All of the colors seem to get muted when I scan the photos.

The good thing is that anyone who wants to see more pictures of you can come here. There will probably be a website for the book with links here and to the earlier blog. Maybe I can put together a mega-slideshow of the best of your pictures for that.

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