Saturday, December 28, 2002

Dear Henry:

We picked up mommy's scooter today. It is really cool. You would like the color. It is green. Jack and I went to get him a helmet to wear when riding with either mom or me on the scooter. I think you would have liked a helmet too. The helmet store was right near the cemetery. You are so far away. I wish that weren't so. Jewish law or tradition says that we aren't supposed to visit you just yet. I am sure there is a reason for this. It has been this way for a while so there may be some wisdom to it. I can't wait to come and see you.

Earlier in the day we all went to the zoo. It made me remember when you and I went to the aquarium at the Mall of America. Remember the baby turtles. They were really cute. You loved cute things, and you were such a cute thing. Unfortunately the Kirby DVD and game came the day you died. Jack is playing with it now and really enjoys it.

The guy at Palisades Pizzeria asked about you today. He was very sad when I told him what happened. Everyone loved you so much. I didn't even know the guy knew you or your name. You made a great impression with folks. Nana, Papa Sy, Uncle Andrew, Aunt Tracey, Emma and Sam are over tonight for Jack's birthday. I can feel that you aren't here. You were the party. Even when you were sick.

I'm going to go back downstairs now. I miss you. I love you.


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