Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Here are more pictures from the beach. Mom asked me if I think I'll ever be able to go to the beach without being sad. I said that I know one day I'll be able to go and only smile when I think of all the great times we had there - just not now. I have been going to Rehobeth since I was your and Jack's age. It will always be a special place for me.

Jack got bit on his hand by this turtle. Luckily, the little guy didn't break the skin. It was pretty upsetting for your brother. A man who was nearby said that even the Crocodile Hunter get nipped from time to time.

Here is Abby and Andy's house. It is getting fixed up a bit. Everyone is supposed to go down for the Fourth of July. Hopefully the house will be done. I am sure it will be nice.

Check this out. When we were riding the big bike we passed this trailer. Isn't it cool how Aunt Alice and Uncle Peter's house is on it. I miss it and the times we all spent there.

Joe is now old enough to enjoy Funland. He didn't really go on any rides but he did sit in the firetrucks and rang the bell.

Joe found elephant heaven in a bookstore on Rehobeth Avenue. He loves to line them up. I think he'd love the circus.

The Coast Guard has a training exercise in the middle of Rehobeth Beach. I was very worried until I realized it was just a drill. They should have put up a sign so all the people watching wouldn't have worried.

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