Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I started to cry sitting at my desk yesterday. I totally wasn't expecting to do that. I was listening to this CD that someone sent me and this song came on.

I wasn't listening too closely, but when this song started to play I heard and felt every word. It is supercorny, but so am I.

My Son And I
Neil Sedaka

My son and I
We will keep on goin'
For all our time and through our lives.
He's everything a dad could ever wish for,
He brightens up my every day.

He has a dream
And I know he's gonna make it,
He knows that he could always count on me.
We'll laugh and cry and share a tender moment,
This boy of mine, I love him so.

When I see him smile
It fills me up with gladness,
He's sunshine and he's laughter all combined.
He picks me up, he cheers me through the bad times.
A wondrous thing, my son and I.

Is this the little boy I know,
Playing with his Lego long ago,
Watching all his programmes on his TV screen,
It can't be that far back as it might seem.

The first day that he left for school,
I cried as if I was a fool.
He turned into a really grown up guy,
I'll love him 'til the day I die.

My son and I
We have our little difference,
Don't see eye to eye on all the world
But we'll make it through because we love each other
It'll always be just me and you.

But if he goes away
I don't know how I'll make it
But when he comes back the sun will shine again.
I'm a lucky man to have him here beside me,
It'll always be my son and I,
It'll always be my son and I,
Always be my son and I.

He got everything right. XMKiDS always plays this Paul Simon song from the Wild Thornberry's movie about a dad and his daughter. I always feel left out when I hear it, so I am glad to know there is a good father and son song. Gotta love a song that talks about Legos, right.

I love you big guy.

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