Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Mom and I took Joe to his favorite place this weekend -- the zoo. There are brand new cheetah cubs but the line was 45 minutes so we decided to skip them.

Joe's favorite words are "more" and "again."

Although he is really cute, he really annoys Jack ... a lot. Like any little brother, he wants Jack's attention all of the time and for Jack to play with him. There are rare moments when Jack and Joe do play with each other, and Mom and I both are quick to say to each other, "Look, they are playing together, nicely." It is kinda a miracle when it happens and makes us feel really good.

But most of the time Jack is screaming at Joe because Joe is bugging him. Jack didn't bug you for attention as much as bother you by standing cluelessly in front of the TV -- not even moving when you'd say, "Hey, you make a better door than a window."

Today Jack did two things that I made me be so much more in love with him (it is hard to love him any more than I already do). After I dropped off his bathing suit at the JCC this afternoon -- he has swimming and science there after school on Wednesday -- I watched him at the pool through a window. He didn't know I was still there. I watched him swim a lap freestyle and he was really good. What I loved so much was that he would get a little tired and he'd stop and get his breath and then he'd just keep on swimming. Without anyone saying anything to him he just pushed himself along. He had really good form which I didn't know about. I like learning things about Jack. I am glad that I don't know everything about him.

I don't know what it was exactly that I saw in the few minutes that I stood there, but I just think he showed a lot of strength and character.

The second thing he did today that made me love him so much was something very simple. We were reading in his bed as he was getting ready to go to sleep and he asked me if I wanted to have some more of his blanket over me to keep me warm. His thinking about me and my comfort told me that he really has a kind soul.

Your brothers are doing okay. They don't have the relationship that you and Jack had -- being buddies since you were so close in age -- but I think they will have a good bond as they grow up.

I love you.

Good night.

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