Monday, September 19, 2005

Joe started school last week. Mom and I don't cry like we used to. Actually it is pretty uneventful. We bring Joe and Jack to school, give them a big kiss and walk away. We have been lucky that none of you ever made a big fuss or wouldn't let us go.

I am happy that Joe is following in your footsteps. He is in the Square class. Elaine is his teacher. I think they'll love each other the way you and Elaine loved each other.

At first when we told Joe that he was going to be a Square he said he didn't want to go to school. Mom, of course, got to the bottom of that. It seems that Joe didn't want to be a Square because he was afraid that they wouldn't have the same kind of snacks that he had when he was a Rainbow. When Mom told him that there would be cinnamon graham crackers he came around. Then Elaine visited and she and Joe played and that sealed the deal.

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