Thursday, August 30, 2007

Joe was the Camper of the Day a week ago on one of his last days at Home Run Baseball Camp over at Turtle Park. He really loves going to camp there. A lot of your friends and Jack's friends have gone, like Jake and the Stern boys.

I was there last week when a cameraman from a local TV station came and videotaped all of the campers yelling "Good Morning Washington." The first person you see is Coach RJ. I have told you about him before. He teaches at Beauvior, where you went to camp.

Joe is in the upper right hand part of the bleachers, but it is probably tough to see him. He loved camp. Camper of the Day is given for hustle and Joe has plenty. I am proud of him. He has a pure love for baseball.

We are going to see the Nationals play the San Francisco Giants tomorrow night at RFK. I am interested to see what the guys do when Barry Bonds comes to the plate. Both Jack and Joe call him a cheater.

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