Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today is the first day of school for your brothers. Joe is starting kindergarten and his teacher is Mrs. Berliant.

It is nice that Joe has the same teacher that you and Jack had.

The last picture is of Jack. I had to take the picture from outside the door, 'cause class was starting. He began 5th grade today. He said "so long" to me and Mom and that was it. He (and you) was like that from his earliest days at the Gan. He didn't need us to hang around. He was ready to go. No "separation anxiety."

I need to show you some pictures of our vacation at the beach and I have some shots from when Joe was "Camper of the Day" at Home Run Baseball Camp. Speaking of Joe, he had to have a root canal yesterday. That is something really painful that the dentist does when your tooth is messed up. You would have been proud of him. He was really brave, just like you.

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