Saturday, September 22, 2007

After leaving XM, I now work with a guy named Bill. I am fortunate because Bill is a great person like Hugh and Mr. Koch. Bill visits his mom - who is pretty old and not so well - almost every single day. She is down by Sibley Hospital, where I took you to see Joe when he was born. I don't think Bill's mom recognizes him, but each day he sets aside time to go visit and sit with her.

Grandma once got a special medicine which made her not know who anyone was. She didn't know who I was or Papa Teddy or Aunt Jen. It was very hard and very sad being with her when that was happening. That tells you what a good guy Bill is.

Two days ago I was walking downtown and a man asked me for change. I felt good because I actually had some change in my pocket to give to someone. I never have any change. My silly thinking is if I don't have any money on me then I won't spend it.

Well, after work that day I was walking to the bus and I saw a man go up to a homeless man. Without being asked for money, the man gave the homeless man some dollar bills. He looked the homeless man in the eyes and then shook his hand. That person is a special human being.

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