Thursday, December 11, 2008

You still command quite a crowd. Even in the rain and the cold. We will not be deterred. Check out all the rocks and stuff on your headstone. I am thinking very seriously about doing the custom "visitation stone" business. I have read that even non-Jews leave pebbles and stones too. Bigger market than I originally thought.

It was a lot like it was 6 years ago weather-wise. Appropriately miserable.

Mom and I both agree that the entry gate to the cemetery seems a bit "Holocausty."

When we were all standing there I created a new tradition right on the spot. I decided that we needed to share funny Henry memories. I asked Mom to tell the story that Liane remembered at their lunch last week. It was about the time when you took off your wet bathing suit and walked completely naked the block or two from their pool to their house. Bella and her sisters were pretty embarrassed, but to you it was completely natural and okay. You thought nothing of it. You were 4 years old.

I found this when I was researching the stone business. I gotta say I've never seen the tree stump thing anywhere. That's a little freaky. Of course all I can think of is how dogs would want to pee on it. That isn't a good image.

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