Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Look at what your friends have done. We, like their folks, are so proud of them.

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From: Joan Vander Walde
Thursday, December 04, 2008 12:45 AM
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December 2, 2008
7 Kislev, 5769

Dear Ms. Greenfield, Mr. Mintz, Ms. Schwartz, Mr. Stanislawski, Ms Shoyer and Mr. Shoyer,

Yesterday it was my privilege to see and hear Jake, Eliana and Emily present the non-profit organization, Hope for Henry Foundation, to their classmates for consideration when distributing funds from the Class of 2013’s Bnai Mitzvah Tzedakah Collective.  I have been to many parlor meetings in which committed and articulate adults, professionals as well as volunteers, enlisted charitable support for their various causes, but all of those adults had much to learn from our JDS 8th grade students yesterday. 

Emily’s, Eliana’s and Jake’s sincerity,  knowledge of the mission and efficacy of the foundation was clearly conveyed as they spoke to each granting group, repeating their presentation 5 times and becoming more persuasive and confident with each presentation. Their personal memories of and connections to Henry helped convey the convincing message of how important the contributions of this organization are to the well-being of hospitalized and seriously ill children.  Their presentation made a powerful impact on their fellow student philanthropists of the Class of 2013. 

In their granting groups, students moved from presenter to presenter hearing about 10 organizations in all and respectfully questioning each presenter.  When small granting groups met afterward to determine how to allocate the funds, students spoke about how impressed they were by the true understanding and commitment they sensed in each of their classmates’ presentations.  They reflected on how their own minds had been opened, and how important the work of each organization was.

We couldn’t be prouder, and we invite you to join us at school on December 19th when Eliana, Jake and Emily will present their class’ donation to Hope for Henry Foundation.


Joan Vander Walde
Director, Middle School
Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

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