Sunday, April 13, 2003

Dear Henry:

Spring two short years ago. We sent this postcard to all of our friends to let them know you were doing well. We thanked them for helping us. All of us thought we were in the clear. This seems so far away. I cried tonight because you seem so far away.

This is the card we sent out to friends this spring.

Today was another spring day to remember. The flowers are exploding all over the place. Our azaleas (the best on the block, right) are ready to burst. I'll show you a photo. I bet it will be in 2 days. Let's see if I am right.

Debbie and Andy and Aaron and Daniel came in from Philadelphia and spent the weekend with us. We all went to Guy Mason and Max's for old time's sake. Mom and I pulled Jack's old tractor out from under the porch for Joe and he loves it. Your John Deere tractor that Grandma and Pop Pop Teddy got you is out at St. Michaels. I know Joe will have as much fun on it as you and Jack had.

I had a good time with Joe today. We went over to Stoddert and played for a long time on the playground. The "small park," as you used to call it. Joe was very excited to find big sticks and to uncover just the right rocks to put in his mouth.

This next photo is Jack in front of Bill and Michael's yard next door. I took the photo from the front of our house. Looks like a jungle, doesn't it. Mommy planted some very pretty flowers. You used to make little bouquets for Mom. Do you remember the flowers you always bought for dates with Bella. What a gentleman.

Jack and Aaron and David were being true boys today. They went on a serious bug hunt. Poor bugs.

I love you my sweet, gentle man. Every day I think how proud I am to be your,


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