Sunday, April 20, 2003

Dear Henry:

They bloomed. Here they are. Doesn't Joe look like a little lumberjack.

After I got home from flying we spent a lot of time outside in front of the house playing. Just like we used to do with you.

Right before I took this picture, Joe took a poop. He was squatting down so far that he fell over on his head. It was pretty funny. He was okay, though, and had a good time at Stoddert tonight.

Jen and Hannah came in today for the week. This is the kind of dog Aunt Jen and I had growing up. His name was Dizzy.

Here are me and Dizzy. I am 7 years old. Same as you.

I don't know this dog's name. He walked by and Aunt Jen freaked out. The dog is just like Hannah's dog, Kasha. They're pretty cute, huh. The woman who owns this dog knows Aunt Abby. It is a very small town.

I love you.


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