Friday, August 15, 2003

As promised, I drove HSG out to see you after work. I got that sucker up to almost 60 mph on the road that leads up to the cemetery. Vrrroooommmm. That was fun. After I sat with you a while and said hello to Grandma I went for a really long ride. I motored through Rock Creek Park past Milkhouse Ford and up to The Awakening, which is right near the Jefferson Memorial. I am usually in a rush to get somewhere but tonight I just rode and rode and didn't care what time it was or where I was going. That felt really good.

Seeing you was nice. How do you like your bench. They are working on your headstone. I hope it comes out right. It has to. I gave your little marker a kiss and laid down on the grass with you until the gnats drove me off (totally not fair -- the cemetery should be a gnat free zone). The wasp nest is very active. I took more pictures of it. Here is me with HSG, the bench and you. The grass has grown in nicely.

I am going to get up early tomorrow and go meet Mom, Jack and Joe at St. Michaels. Jack is riding his bike like a pro now. He can ride on the street out in St. Michaels. Maybe we can ride to town. I'll get a picture of Jack on his bike up here for you to see.

I am really tired. Yawn. I am going to go to bed now. I miss you so much Big H.

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