Wednesday, August 13, 2003

This is us sleeping together. You certainly were a cute, snuggly little peanut when you were a baby. Look at you. I think Mommy and I were pretty scared back then. I think we lived with being scared then the same way we live with being sad now.

You were so small I held you in the palm of my hand and lifted you up over my head and flew you around. I think doing that with you early on is why you loved wrestling and rough-housing and jumping and going fast and being fearless. Joe is just coming around to wanting to play airplane or Superman or whatever it is when I lay down and hold you up high on my outstretched legs.

This picture of us napping was taken at Nana and Papa Sy's old house in Annapolis. They had this house before they found the one in St. Michaels. You came here for your first Thanksgiving right after you were born. This was probably from that holiday.

I am going to bed now. I've got one of your bears with me. It isn't the same as you. I love you little man.

Good night.

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