Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Bless Jack's Rock 'n Roll soul, when we were waiting for the Oxford Ferry he asked Mom and me to remind him who is the "King." Elvis Presley. We then went through and explained that Bruce Springsteen is the "Boss;" Aretha Franklin is "Queen of Soul;" James Brown is the "Godfather of Soul" and Michael Jackson is the "King of Pop." Jack had us drill him on this a couple of times. I should ask him tonight who is the Boss. See if it sank in.

When we watched Fantasia 2000 this weekend there was a part where Quincy Jones comes on to introduce George Gershwin's (he is a composer, like Mozart and Beethoven) Rhapsody in Blue. I told Jack that I had met Quincy Jones last month at work. He is one great musician, composer, producer and all-around cool dude.

Mom says that Jack wants to take piano lessons. I think it would be great if he learned to play guitar. I remember we were trying to get you guitar lessons but the teacher was all booked up with students. We were supposed to call back later to try and schedule you.

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