Monday, December 29, 2003

Today is Jack's birthday.

He seems pretty bummed out. Mom thinks that he is having problems being the same age as you were when you died. We asked the person who Jack talks to every other week what she thinks. She said that he is more sad now, but it is a good thing. It is good that he is letting his feelings show. She said that they are more intense right now because of Hannukah and his birthday.

You died last year at this time and Jack is remembering that. Mom also thinks that Jack is having problems being the same age as you were when you died.

Mom and Jack went to the Nutcracker Ballet. Bella was in it. So was David Lane.

We went to services at Adas on Friday night. We went to say the Mourner's Kaddish. Rabbi Winaker led most of the service and Dr. Mendelson (change spelling) was there. We talked to them about their wedding. I think we are invited. I think that will be a happy/sad occasion. We had bug juice and tiny
tiny cupcakes one-bite (though maybe it should be two) at the Oneg.

This is Joe's zoo. It was really nice today. It was almost 60 degrees, which is warm for the winter. As you can see, Joe lines up his animals the same way you lined up your Pokemon and Jack lined up his whales.

JPDS had a ceremony to dedicate the school. Every time I go to a program at the school I cry. Mom said that it will be hard when Joe starts going to the Gan and we join him at Shabbat Sing. You were alive and I'd cry at Shabbat Sing.

We went to Nana and Papa Sy's for Hannukah with your cousins. Again, another sad and nice evening.

The other day Jack said that if he was ever granted three wishes, these are them:

1. That no-one would ever get sick again
2. That there would be no pollution
3. That everyone would recycle

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