Thursday, March 25, 2004

A couple of things about Joe.

1. He is at his most adorable.
2. He loves lions and roars all the time
3. He likes to eat popsicles
4. He calls Pokemon, "Kokomon"
5. He loves watching Ice Age

Joe is so cute right now. He has your impish smile. In his mind he is thinking, "I have dimples and I am not afraid to use them."

He gives kisses and hugs and screams "Daddy" when I walk through the door after work. When I sneeze he says "Bless You." He has more and more to say each day. Normally, Zhenny is who can understand him best. He likes to say "Deeelicious" and "Geeegraphic." Delicious is something he got from watching Jungle Book 2 and Geographic is from National Geographic, which he watches on TV. He likes to watch Be the Creature with the Kratt Bros. and Jeff Corwin.

Joe's favorite place is the zoo, his favorite animal is the lion and he thinks he is one. He likes to prowl around on all fours and lets out the biggest roar. I am glad that it is getting warmer out so he can spend more time at the zoo with Zhenny. I wish there was a way to post his roar on here - it is ferocious!

One of my most favorite things that I get to do is eat popsicles with Joe. Most nights in the evening after dinner, Jack eats his bowl of ice cream, and Joe and I share a frozen fruit bar. With Joe grabbing at it, I try to hold the stick while he trades licks with me. This is when he usually unleashes, "deeelicious." It is a very sweet thing we do together. Kind of ironic (hard to explain that word) since we were not supposed to share food with you.

When we went up to Evan's Bar Mitzvah we drove into the city and went to the Pokemon store at Rockefeller Center. Joe bought his first Pokemon, appropriately Pikachu.

He reminds me a lot of you. He is very sweet. Jack is being a good older brother. I only wish that you and Joe had more time together. You'd like him.

I love you, Hen.

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