Thursday, March 25, 2004

This past weekend we went out to St. Michaels. Papa Sy was there all by himself so we went out for the day to keep him company. We had a really good time.

I found this photo of you out there.

While we were there Jack started to talk about what happens to people after they die. I said that some people believe that a person comes back to earth as something or someone else after they die. It is called being "reincarnated." Jack said that you came back as a tree after you died. According to Jack, you are a tree because a tree is something that lives forever.

As for Jack, he said he will come back as a falcon because they are swift and sure. He said that after Mom dies, she'll come back to earth as a koala bear because they are so nice. Joe will come back as a pig. And I have to admit that I am pretty bummed about my reincarnation. Jack said I'll be a "shrieker." I asked if he meant a "shreik owl," and he said "no, a 'shreiker,'" whatever that is. I asked him why. He said because I yell. I almost never, ever, ever yell. You know that. There was the one time when we were driving back to our apartment in Minnesota from Galyan's after I drove all over Minneapolis to get you guys the same pair of cleats. I think that I blew up because of all of the pressure we were under. And I know there has been one or two other times, but I guess next to Mom anyone is a shrieker. I should talk to him more about this. How about a lion - they sleep 22 hours a day (I learned this from watching "Be the Creature" with Joe). I could get into that.

Maybe you're the dogwood in front of the house. It has buds on it. Remember we bought it for Mom for one of her birthdays. I'll post a photo on here as soon as it blooms. Also, I will tell you what we got her for this birthday -- but a little later -- it is a surprise.

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