Sunday, August 29, 2004

I didn't even have a chance to unpack and it was off to Philadelphia, also for work. It was nice that Mom and the guys came with me on this trip. I don't think you ever went to Philadelphia, but Mom went up there once when you were alive to see a doctor. It is a city that is between Washington and New York.

While I was working on Saturday, Mom and Jack and Joe spent time with Debbie and Aaron and Daniel. They moved up there about a year or two ago.

Today, I got to go with everyone to see the Liberty Bell. It is a wonderful thing to see and to think about. I remember going to Philadelphia on a class trip once. I bought an iron skeleton key that I think was supposed to open Independence Hall.

We are lucky to live in Washington, DC. The other day I rode my bike to Mt. Vernon, which is where George Washington lived. I realized that I have never take Jack there. We need to go. It is important to be a tourist in your own town sometimes.

I rode my bike to Mt. Vernon because I am getting ready for a 100 mile bike ride -- all in one day -- in October. I want to raise money for the Hope for Henry Foundation. I will ask people to sponsor my and pledge money for each mile I ride. I know I'll ride all 100 miles so maybe I'll try to get everyone to pledge a dollar for each mile. I'll put up pictures from the ride. It isn't too far from St. Michaels so we'll stay out there that weekend.

This is my number for the ride.

We are going out to St. Michaels next weekend, which is a holiday, with Susan and Simon and Alex. It will be nice to spend time with them. I know that Simon misses you and his Dad. He's had a tough life.

I am glad to be writing you again. We are back from traveling and I am sitting here with Jack waiting for Sam Shoyer to come over for a sleep-over.

Lots of love.

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