Tuesday, August 31, 2004

When we went outside this morning there were police cars parked all along the street in front of the house. It seems that during the night someone came and put holes in everyone's tires.

That wasn't very smart or very nice. Mom's car had one flat tire and a lot of the cars had two tires that we flat. This was not a good thing to have happen, but something nice did come of it. Mom talked to the policeman writing a report about our car and told him the story of how you almost died. She explained how she called 911 and a police car came and sped you to the hospital. In our minds, the DC police and the doctors and the nurses at Georgetown Hospital were both responsible for saving your life. It happened around this time of the year because I remember that you were in the hospital for ten days, got better and then just like that you started school on the first day with everyone else.

Well when she told him this, he pointed out the policeman who came that morning and carried you out to his cruiser. His name is Officer Craggette. He asked Mom how you were doing and Mom told him you died. He was very sad. Mom was very sad. We never thanked him and his partner. I have felt bad about that. Now that we know who he is, Mom and I are going to write him a letter and make sure that we also send one to his boss at the police station.

The funny thing about this morning is that neither Mom or I were taking our cars to work. Mom walked and I rode my bike. The good thing about riding your bike is that you can see things that you don't normally see when you drive a car.

This is a picture that I took of three deer that were standing right inside the fence of the Vice President's house. I was a little worried about taking pictures of the Vice President's house (someone is going to jail for taking pictures of the Bay Bridge - I'll explain why a little later) so I did it real fast. And to think that I saw it on Calvert Street!

I love you Henry.

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