Monday, August 23, 2004

The reason I haven't written for a while is because we went on vacation. We went to St. Michaels and then the beach and then St. Michaels.

Something we did this summer that we've never done before is to go to the waterpark. Seems kind of strange to do that when you are at the beach, but it was a blast. There was a big waterslide near where we lived in Minnesota. I always talked to Jack about going there, but I think he was too young and just not into it. He was definitely into the "Anaconda" which was a splishy, splashy, fast, scary ride that we couldn't ride enough.

Of course, we did go to the beach a lot and this was an important year for Jack and for me. Jack finally went in all the way and then some. He became Mr. Body Surfer. I couldn't believe the change from last year when he hardly would get his toes wet to this year when he threw himself in and wouldn't get out. I was probably more excited than him because I have always wanted to boogie board and ride the waves with you guys.

Here is "your Hannah." She and Aunt Jen and Uncle Dan and Papa Teddy all came to the beach with us the second week. Aunt Tracey, Uncle Andrew, Emma, Sam, Nana and Papa Sy came the first. I couldn't be there the first week because I had to work. And why do I work? To buy you guys toys. Remember that is what I always said. I still do.

Joe makes faces like you used to make. The sand is the best - and safest - place for him. He eats it, rolls around in it and has the best time.

One of my absolute favorite pictures of you and me is right in this same spot. You were on my shoulders just like Joe is. I need to find it.

Lisa and Bruce and Evan and Alex came down from New York for their vacation. I hope they liked it. We went out for ice cream every night.

We put together a puzzle when we were at the beach. Mom did the most work and Aunt Jen was really good at it too. Once you put it together it is all over. There is a lesson there somewhere.

At the end of our time at the beach I suggested to Mom that we go to St. Michaels. Honestly, no-one really wanted to go but I felt like I hadn't really had a vacation. I wanted it to last a little longer. It was a good thing. We had a great time. Joe got to play with Aunt Alice and Uncle Peter's dog Zoey; Jack got to swim until he was a big prune; Joe dove off the side of the pool for hours and hours; and Mom and I went for a really long bike ride. We went by a street called "Screamersville." Whaddya think that is all about? I also saw a HUGE frog and a big snake. The frog was the size of a chicken. It was great.

This is Jack showing off his diving. He is a good swimmer, which makes me feel good for 2 reasons. One, is that he is safe and hopefully won't get hurt, and the other is that he can have more fun.

Joe wants to be just like Jack so he jumped/dove off the side of the pool. This was great except he did it 1 million times in a row without stopping. Thank goodness for Nana who was able to hang in there with him over the hours and hours.

Your - and I say "your" because Mom wrote your name on it, just like she wrote Jack's name on his - soccer ball was sitting on the side of the house and I looked at it and got sad thinking about you. You know how much I miss you. We all miss you so much.

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