Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mom isn't home tonight. She drove up for a meeting at Hackensack to talk to them about the Hope for Henry Foundation. When Mom and I were on the phone today we talked about it being her first trip there with you gone. Every time we went there it was really hard, but you were alive. I am scared for Mom because I know it will be sad. How can she go to the 8th floor and not be going up there to see you, to bring you a toy that she just bought or garlic bread she picked up at Mamma Mias.

I always thought it was a little weird that there was a Mamma Mia's you could walk to from the hospital in Hackensack and there was a Mama Mia's right next to Johns Hopkins. Mom and I had a great dinner out at Mama Mia's in New Jersey. We never ate at the one in Baltimore. Other than grabbing stuff from the cafeteria at Hopkins, we never did eat out much around the hospital -- but I do remember once getting fried chicken at the Popeye's.

We spent a lot of time in the cafeteria at Hopkins 'cause they had really good vending machines. You know our lives used to be all about vending machines. You were such the Pringles and Starburst monster.

I looked up the directions to Hackensack on my computer for Mom while we were talking on the phone. Just looking at a map of all of the streets and buildings up there got me sad.

I told Mom how I still remember our first visit there and how I got all turned around on Polifly Road. I got to know the streets really well by the time we were through.

Mom is doing a good thing, though. We want to start giving Hope for Henry Foundation gifts to the kids getting treated at the Tomorrow Children's Institute in Hackensack, just like you once were.

There have been stories in the newspaper about the guy who raised all the money for Tomorrow Children's Institute. He also has a camp that he runs for sick kids. People are upset that he spends a lot of money to make the ranch nice and special, but not a whole lot of kids get to use it. I think it is great that the kids have a super nice place to go. Instead of worrying about this guy, those people should spend their time starting their own camp.

Love you big guy.

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