Monday, March 07, 2005

Today would have been a better day to visit. It is a pre-spring, spring day. The thermometer in the minivan said it was 72 degrees out.

I read Dr. Livingston's book last night. The grief part feels like I am reading what I write here - except he is a really good writer. It is good to read because I think of you. I like anything that does that. It is almost like I am reading while listening to music. Part of me is concentrating on the words and at the same time part of me is remembering stuff about you like background music playing in my head.

In the book, Dr. Livingston can ride his bike to his son Lucas' grave. It is only 3 miles away. That would be great. I have only ridden my bike out as far as Olney once before. It was a 60 mile ride for a charity I no longer remember, and before you were on the scene. I did ride HSG, Mom's Vespa, out to you once and that was nice.

The stone bench next to your grave isn't great. It would be better to have a comfy couch. Maybe they don't want you to stick around too long.

I am thinking about you.

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