Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mom and I went out tonight for our anniversary. We got a babysitter from American University for Jack and Joe. Her name was Jackie. She had a lot of earrings. You definitely would have liked her.

When we got home we asked Jackie how much we needed to pay her. She said that she didn't want to get paid. She wanted to donate the money to the Hope for Henry Foundation. She told us that her brother had died. I asked her if she talked to Jack about it and she had.

Mom sends out a form to all of the kids and families who get gifts from the Hope for Henry Foundation that asks them if they liked the gift. There is a question on the form that says,

How did you feel when you opened the gift?

Mom showed me a form that was recently filled out. The person answered that question by saying

Like it was my birthday – but it wasn’t. Happy that someone who doesn’t know me gave this to me and sad because it happened because someone like me died.

Smart kid.

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