Friday, August 12, 2005

Guess who we saw last night. The Nashes came into town for a few hours. They were on their way to Camp Sunshine. Remember Camp Sunshine? It was the Camp up in Maine where we went with all of the other Fanconi anemia families. They had fun things for the kids to do and the parents got to meet with all of the doctors.

It was great to see Lisa, Jack, Adam, Delaney and especially Molly. We had dinner and then they had to rush back to the airport. I gave Molly a big hug (and a Hope for Henry wristband, which she was very psyched about) and told her that she is very special to us. She is.

When I talked to her I felt like I was talking to you. She is really grown up for eleven years old. She has been through so much. But she looks good and sounds good. She went to sleep away camp this summer. Can you believe it. How great is that.

I didn't want the hug to end.

This is a picture of all of us at the hospital in Minnesota the day we left. Molly still had a way to go but we were all done with the transplant. Or at least that is what we were hoping.

I think you weren't much in the mood for photos.

This picture of you and Molly was made from two different photos pieced together.

This was the whole crew last night. As you can see, Adam has grown up into a big boy. And both Joe and Delaney are part of our families. They had not been born yet when you and Molly were getting your transplants.

Although it was awesome seeing everyone, it is also very sad. Nothing could remind us more that what we did to save your life didn't work. The fact that you are not in the photo is killing me.

I think I told you how when I get sad it feels like I have the wind knocked out of me. You had the wind knocked out of you that time you were a teacher's helper at the Gan. They called the rescue squad for you. I kinda wish there was some kind of rescue squad for how I feel.

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