Sunday, August 21, 2005

We stopped in St. Michaels on the way home from the beach. I borrowed these pictures off the wall in the kitchen. This first one is everyone. I wasn't really digging the whole "wear the same clothes as everyone" thing, but sometimes you just have to go along with everyone.

This picture is so great because you are laughing. You and Michael used to crack each other up. I love seeing that you are having such a good chuckle.

Noah and Joe haven't even been born yet in these.

Jack misses you. He is acting a little off lately. He gets mad a Joe a lot. We're not sure if it is just normal big brother getting bugged by little brother (who can be a real pain sometimes) or if it is because of you somehow. It is really hard to know. We ask him straight up and he says no. Mom and I think it might help for him to go see the person he used to talk with right after you died.

Mom thinks that maybe everything will settle out when he goes back to school. I hope so.

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