Saturday, August 20, 2005

We went on vacation to -- where else -- the beach. We rented a house in Rehoboth. It took us a little time to get there, though. First we went stayed at Aunt Abby and Uncle Andy's house and then we moved a couple blocks over to the house we rented.

These are some pictures that I took. This first one is Joe sleeping on my tummy (yummy). I can make him fall asleep by stroking his hair forward on the front of his head. I seem to remember a movie where the someone has the ability to make wild animals fall asleep by touching them the right way... or something like that.

Sam Shoyer came and stayed with us. His brothers were with Paula at other friends in Rehoboth. I am glad Jack could have his buddy with him to share his vacation. We went to the boardwalk and Candy Kitchen. The guys got wax bottles.

We went to Jungle Jim's water park. There was a water park or at least a big slide in St. Louis Park in Minneapolis. I kept saying I wanted to go, but we never ended up doing it.

During the week after Sam Shoyer left we went back over to Aunt Abby's and went to the pool at her house and then to beach with all of your cousins. They have a lot of good toys for the beach. You can see all the surf boards. Uncle Andy has a pretty cool toy too. You rode in the yellow Bronco once when we were down there. It is perfect.

Michael and Jack had a good time together. I think Michael misses you.

Hey, check this little dude out. That is your brand new cousin, Noah. I haven't seen him for a while. He is three months old. Joe is now the older cousin. Hopefully they'll be buddies. Joe is really close with Joshua now. They have a very sweet friendship. They play together and hang out.

Here is Joshua skimboarding. Both he and Michael are really good at all of the beach and water sports.

Joe decided to try his hand at skimboarding. He looks like he might just be able to do it, doesn't he.

I am really proud of two things - one, that Michael is a really good surfer, and two, that I was able to get a picture of him getting up on his board. There is a lot of waiting around in surfing. You wait for the right wave. It takes a long time at Rehoboth.

We also hung out a lot with Richard, Helaine, Jake and Abby. Jake is all grown up now. This is him skimboarding. I am bummed that I can't picture you being as big and grown up as your friends, like Jake. I wonder what it will be like when I see Ari again. I haven't seen him or Simon almost all summer.

We played football. Your little brother Joe is quite the athlete. He is a lot like you that way.

Jack keeps getting more handsome. I am in love with him.

Jack was showing some serious bravery - helped by Michael. The two of them went on the Sea Dragon and then we all went on Chaos together. We are at a whole new level of rides at Funland.

A good thing that Joe likes the calm rides. Mom will be bummed in a couple of years when he only wants to do the scary ones. I'll go on Paratrooper with her.

We also went seining, which we have done on past vacations with Hugh and Liam. You go out into the Delaware Bay and use a net to catch fish and other sea creatures and then take a close up look.

I learned a lot about horseshoe crabs. We also caught a puffer fish and some other cool things.

This is the photo that I started taking with you. I have done it a few times with Joe now. I wonder how much longer I'll be carrying him on my shoulders. Hopefully we have at least one more summer left.

Joe tells me all the time that he loves me "to Saturan and back." If you didn't figure it out, he means "Saturn" the planet. Joe has a funny way of saying some things. I don't correct him because I think it is cute and he'll figure it out after a while. I don't see him being in college, listing all of the planets and saying "Saturan."

Joe is just a really sweet little guy. I hope we have a lot of summers left of him telling me how much he loves me. I'll carry him on my shoulders and his feet never have to hit the ground until he is a grown man if he'll just keep telling me how much he loves me.

This is Mom and you on the boardwalk. I think you are tickling her with a feather.

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