Sunday, November 26, 2006

Aunt Jen, Uncle Dan, Hannah and Kasha all flew in on Uncle Dan's plane for Thanksgiving. We all went together to Papa Teddy's new house that he shares with Jeri for Thanksgiving dinner. It was very nice. We met Jeri's family.

On Friday morning we went into XM with a bunch of friends including Jake, and we recorded some stuff for the Radio Hanukkah channel. It was a lot of fun. Jake sang a song that he made up. Hopefully we can play it.

We then headed out to St. Michaels for the rest of the weekend. We just missed Aunt Abby and Uncle Andy and all your Cherner cousins. They were at Nana and Papa Sy's for Thanksgiving and then left for their house at the beach. Their house is going to be in a magazine. That should be neat. I will show you pictures whenever that happens. The good news is that Uncle Andrew and Aunt Tracey and Emma and Sam were there.

The weather was absolutely, positively perfect. Yesterday we went to Blackwater Wildlife Refuge, where you, Nana and I went together a few years back, and then today we played baseball and I tried to help Papa Sy and Uncle Andrew fix the end of the dock, which fell in the water in a storm.

At Blackwater we saw a bunch of bald eagles. Do you remember when we were there with Nana and there was a man who let us look through his big lens to see the bald eagle. This time it was a lot easier to see them. We saw a bunch of bald eagles flying high in the sky and also sitting on logs. The bald eagles fly really high while the turkey vultures are a lot lower in the sky.

There are 75 eagles who nest at Blackwater year round. In winter there are supposed to be 150. Maybe we'll go back later in the winter and look for more. I think everyone had a good time. It felt good to suggest something that everyone had fun doing.

We brought a lot of binoculars with us. Nana had a pair that she told us used to belong to her Uncle Sol.

Papa Sy explained to me that Uncle Sol fought in World War I. When he got home from the war he would spend some of his time at the racetrack. He loved horse racing. The binoculars we were using were the same ones he used to watch the horses at the track.

I looked a lot at your picture that hangs in the room were we sleep. It is the room next to the room with the bunk beds. You are wearing your PJs with the stars on them. Joe just got some flannel pajamas from Cousin Joshua. He looks so cute. It kills me.

I didn't look forward to coming back home.

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