Sunday, November 05, 2006

Jack and I went to Virginia today and walked around with Bill putting flyers on peoples' doors reminding them to go and vote on Tuesday.

I am glad we took Jack. I remember when I was little and Grandma did stuff for a man named Hubert Humphrey when he was running for President. We had a Humphrey poster hanging in the basement.

The neighborhood we visited wasn't the greatest.

There were a lot of pitbulls. Jack isn't too psyched about dogs but he hung in there really well.

By the next presidential election, we will have maps like this that show each house and whether the persons who live there are Republicans or Democrats and to which campaigns they've donated. We'll be walking around looking at our phones and not carrying around xeroxed maps like we did today. Things are changing fast.

Also when I was young I remember going to a rally for a guy named Joe Tydings who was running for the Senate in Maryland. It is important that we are politically active, and that Jack and Joe learn to be involved. I told Jack how what we did today is not allowed in a lot of countries. We are lucky that we live where we do.

Then we came home and watched the Redskins win a very exciting game against the Cowboys. It was almost a perfect day. If I had gotten a nap then it would have been perfect.

Michael and Joshua went with Uncle Andy to the game. You went to games -- not sure when I took this picture of you -- and Jack has seen some great ones. Joe hasn't been to any. I'll have to fix that.

Tonight Mom and I are going to a party for Jeffrey and his book. I better wake up. It is in a house that is two doors down from Susan, Theirry, Simon and Alex's old house.

Jack had a sleepover at Simon's last night. I have been watching old videos of you lately to put on here and I have seen a lot with Simon. It is great that Jack and Simon are good friends now.

Mom asked if I was okay. I wondered why she would think I wasn't. She said because I have been "spending a lot of time with you." She means because I have been looking at all of the videos. I am spending time converting them to a format that will let me post them here.

I still don't like how good they look. I am looking at different ways to do it so they look better.

Oh, and I told Mom that I am fine. I am.

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