Monday, November 06, 2006

I was totally surprised when Joe said he wanted me to snuggle with him tonight instead of Mom. Normally Mom is the go-to parent for Joe to fall asleep.

His room is pretty chilly but he has plenty of warm blankets. The other day I walked into a Linens and Things store and saw electric blankets for sale. Of course that reminded me of racing to Montgomery Mall to get you an electric blanket from Sears just before the store was closing. I miss being able to take care of you like that.

Here is you getting ready for bed. Stinky Feet was a big theme for us back then. You had them. Jack had them. Mom had them and even I had them.

Henry TV!

When I got in bed with Joe tonight he asked if he could get a bigger bed so me, Mom and Joshua could all fall asleep with him together.

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