Tuesday, January 09, 2007

On Sunday we had a big Hope for Henry event at the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, which is near where Aunt Tracey and Uncle Andrew live. We showed superhero cartoons and Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman were there. Kenny Curtis, who I worked with at XM, was with us too. He and Jack did a superhero trivia contest and we had a costume parade. I think it was a lot of fun for the parents and the kids.

Since most of the kids came in costume it made me think of the superhero party we had when we all left for Minnesota and your transplant.

People brought superhero toys for us to give to the kids in the hospital. We also raised a lot of money for the Foundation. One of the young people we helped spoke to everyone. She was a patient at Georgetown and now is more than a year out.

It was very emotional.

We will probably do this every year. Mom did a great job on this event. She is amazing.

Our buddy Hugh is who drew this great Hope for Henry superhero. We got a letter from DC Comics because they didn't like that we were using the word "superhero" because they own it. Crazy, huh, especially since everyone bought so many DC Comics action figures for the kids in the hospital.

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