Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jack's birthday continued yesterday with a football party for him and all of his friends. Your buddies, Ari, Jake and Simon, were all there. Actually, we drove Simon and Jake to the party, and I took a route that went pretty close to the cemetery. It made Mom sad. I was clueless but when she pointed it all out to me I got sad too.

The party was great. We played flag football indoors at this place in Gaithersburg where they have fields with artificial turf. You and Jack and I went out there once to see Michael play hockey at a rink that is next door to the indoor fields.

Uncle Andrew and I split up and played on the two teams. It was totally fun. Joe and cousin Sam played too. I'd love to rent out a field for Sunday mornings for the rest of the winter. I need to look into that.

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