Monday, January 01, 2007

Here are some pictures from our vacation.

We spent Jack's birthday day on the same boat that we went on with you and him years ago. We saw a lot of dolphins and Mom took good pictures of them jumping out of the water. Everyone had a terrific time.

Michael, Rachel, Joshua, Aunt Abby and Uncle Andy weren't with us. They went to Mexico. They saw whales and Michael caught a huge squid.

We saw that guy, Ted Koppel, from Nightline a bunch more times. All at the Starbucks. We never said anything to him. I didn't want to bother him on his vacation. I never did get very relaxed for some reason. I am not sure why. Your brothers really enjoyed themselves. I know Mom was incredibly happy being able to go shelling with Jack and Joe. She found a lot of sand-dollars. You know how she loves sand-dollars.

Joe tried a lot of new foods. He had a hamburger and pizza. He is growing up.

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