Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hey Hen. We are down in Florida for vacation. I am sitting in the car next to the Starbucks outside of South Seas Island Resort in Captiva. As I started to type this, I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw this guy, Ted Koppel, who introduced the Nightline story about you that John Donvan did. Everything comes back to you.

He was walking to his car with his son carrying cups of coffee. Jack drinks stuff from Starbucks. I think that is crazy, but Mom says it's fine. I guess it is because I have never had coffee. Mom says that Jack drinks something that is just like hot chocolate.

So I am here looking at my email because we are going to send out an invitation to all our friends for a big Hope for Henry Superhero Party early next month. I am waiting to send that out.

When we were landing in Florida I said to Mom that this is the last place that was a "Henry Place," that we haven't been to since you died. The beach, the Dolphins, the alligators, Ding Darling, manatees, the shelling, you and Jack and me playing pirates, you singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over and over again. I am thinking about all of those things that remind me of when we were here with you and Jack. Every time we drive by the stadium in Fort Meyers I say, "that's where Henry met Cal Ripken." I remember how you hit your first golf balls in the driving net they have set up at South Seas. That place was beat up real bad by Hurricane Charlie but now they are rebuilding. We are staying somewhere else this time around.

For Hanukkah I bought video iPod, put every movie we have of you on it and gave it to Mommy. She really liked that. The funny thing is she bought me the same thing for my birthday. She bought it a while ago because she had them write something on it. Of course the first thing I did was put all those same movies of you on mine. I have it here. There are two videos from two different trips we made here all together. So you're here with us, kinda.

I am going to get back to everyone now. Nana and Papa are here, and so are Uncle Andrew, Aunt Tracey, Sam and Emma. It is raining but that is okay 'cause we're all together.

I love you.

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