Monday, December 11, 2006

Today was sunny and unseasonably warm. We were unseasonably not so sad. We went to the cemetery and were met by a lot of people. All of your cousins and Aunt Abby and Uncle Andrew were there. Of course Nana came. And Ari and Linda showed up too. I am so tired I am going to go to sleep but I have a lot to tell you. One of the reason I am tired is I stayed up last night trying to make this video.

It is really bad and that is being nice. But you get the idea. I learned a bunch of things as I tried to make this. One is I need to practice a lot more. The other is I need a computer with more memory.

Henry TV!

This was Aunt Abby and Uncle Andrew reading Mom's eulogy at the funeral. For some reason the sound get's all messed up. Sorry. I'll practice and it'll get better. More tomorrow.

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