Thursday, December 07, 2006

Here is video of Hanukkah 2001. I see that the Klein Sterns, the Reeves Goldbergs and the Goldman Strongins are over. You were pretty swollen. Mom and I talked about that the other day on our drive to and from Philadelphia. I was thinking that you didn't really notice that you were swollen all that much at the beginning, but it did start to bother you at some point - the way you looked, that is. I, of course, just think you look beautiful.

I uploaded another video last night right after your transplant where you look like your normal self, except that your hair was falling out. I can't find it to put it on here. I am pretty good at this computer stuff, but even I get confused every now and then.

Henry TV!

I took this from outside. I added another Menorah this year. I bought a baseball Menorah in St. Louis when we were there for the World Series. There is some video of Joe when he was baby Joe on the end of this.

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