Thursday, December 21, 2006

December 21, 2006

Dear Henry,

I am Hugh. I know your dad has written to you about me.

Today is a sad day for me because your dad is leaving XM to pursue a career involving improving political messaging by knowing how the brain works – there is an oxymoron in there somewhere. He has been at XM for years and has become one of my closest friends, along with your mom.

Your dad showed up in my office during a challenging time in both our lives. Brought together through a game of Jewish geography, we found each other as if by fate. He was gingerly, tiptoeing his way back into the workforce after dedicating his life to your life. And I was just beginning a terrifying journey dealing with Mary Beth’s illness. Our friendship is a true testament that some good can come out the worst situations.

I can tell you honestly, that I would not have survived my journey without him. Whenever a tough medical or personal issue would arise I always said to myself, “What would Allen do?” Each time I went to him (which I did often) he would always give me the most honest and valuable advice in the most caring way.

Your dad is very impressive in so many ways. He is totally dedicated to his family, amazingly creative, compassionate and smart. He adores your mom and will do anything for her and your brothers. I will miss him at XM despite the fact that he would avoid me and never answer his cell phone.

Your dad can do anything -- Learn about the brain, start a non-profit organization dedicated to you, program a Hanukkah Channel, lobby Congress, mingle with celebrities and the security guards, start a website, play video games with Jack, baseball with Joe, ride a motorcycle, tractor, talk politics, root hopelessly for the Redskins and take care of all his friends and family…All at the same time. But I have more muscles and thicker legs and that will never change.

Your dad and I will likely see more of one another when he leaves XM and that will make Mary Beth and me very happy. The Goldberg’s are part of the Panero Posse and visa versa and no change of work address is going to change that.

So Henry, be assured that I will always lookout for your dad no matter where he works.

Love Hugh

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