Sunday, December 03, 2006

Had a perfect morning. We let Mom sleep really late. Jack watched cartoons and read the Sunday comics. Joe and I played on the couch under a blanket. It was nice. It was also the only way to keep Joe quiet. He continues to be/play really loud. I wish I had his energy. What I need to do is get up and get him out of the house so he can run around. He really is like a puppy.

I really appreciate any quiet moments with him. I ended up going upstairs to take a shower and he laid down on the bathroom floor with my clothes as a pillow and the towel as a blanket. We had a nice conversation as I took my shower. He is super cute.

When we went back downstairs I showed him this video of you. I took this video the day he was born. You were in the hospital at Georgetown and Mom was in the hospital down the road at Sibley. Before this clip of you is video of him being born. I showed that to him and he said "disgusting." He has an excellent vocabulary.

Joe smiled the whole time he watched you. He wanted to watch it over and over.

After I filmed you I filmed Jack doing the same thing --saying hello to his new brother. In the video Jack says he is going to take care of Joe, his new brother.

When I showed that to Joe this morning he said he wanted to make sure that I would show it to Jack. When I showed it to Jack later on today he said that he broke that promise to take care of Joe. I told him that he has plenty of time to make good. It isn't too late.

I have been having a lot of trouble getting pictures and video on here lately. Strange. I went back and put on a few pictures of Thanksgiving.

Henry TV!

This video doesn't look so good, but it helped me figure out a way to make them better. I will try to go back and fix all of the others, but it will take a lot of time.

The rest of the day was pretty great except the Redskins lost. After the game Joe, Jack and I went out and played football at Stoddert until it got too dark. We needed you out there. We always have to play two men on offense and one on defense. I try and get Jack to go easy on Joe but I have a sense that he would like to put a good lick on him if he had the chance. Just a little payback for Joe being an annoying little brother.

Jack, to his credit, does show great restraint, which means he doesn't wallop Joe. I wonder what it would be like if you were around.

Tonight a Maryland basketball game is on TV. You were such a big Juan Dixon fan. Hopefully they'll be that good again this year.

I got to let Mom sleep late and play football with the boys. If the Redskins had only won... and if Maryland were to win.... well, then I would have to put this day in the perfect category. Of course if you were here then it would be a dream.

Love you.

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