Monday, October 13, 2008

How cool is this. I am so excited for Mom. But I probably won't be able to stop worrying until I see it on a bookstore shelf. I just tried to pre-order the book, but the site won't let me 'cause it is only for people who live in Canada.

Speaking of bookstore shelves, this is really crazy but when I was walking through a bookstore in Boulder last month that Mom said I had to visit, I started thinking how sad it would be to see your face sitting on a book jacket on a shelf in some store.

It seems like a weird thought, but it is like you'd be lonely.

And what might be worse is if the Saving Henry book jacket gets torn or thrown away. Of course, I treat anything with your picture on it like it is a holy thing, but that's me. Maybe your picture won't be on the cover of the book.

But if I were designing and marketing it, I'd definitely put you on there. You're impossible to resist. Actually, a picture of you and Mom would be best. That way you won't ever be lonely.

It is a love story, after all.

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