Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here are photos I took at Emma's Bat Mitzvah. They start with shabbat dinner and Nana's and go through the service, the lunch and the party last night.

There is one more family gathering in a half-hour but Mom and I bagged. Your brothers are going with Nana and Papa Sy over to Aunt Tracey and Uncle Andrew's for the brunch. Mom and I are going to hang out and go to the cemetery.

I gave Jack your knife this morning. I crawled up onto his bunk, woke him up and gave it to him. I said to not hurt himself and to remember you. I told Mom I had done it and she was disappointed I hadn't waited to do it together with her. I think I really screwed up. I was trying to keep it low-key and not make it too ceremonious - probably 'cause I was worried about Jack's reaction. I didn't know if it would make him sad (that's why I did it in his bed, I figured he could roll over and go back to sleep) or it wouldn't produce any reaction. It was more like that, he said thanks and that was it. He ended up coming downstairs about ten minutes later. No knife in hand.

If it had been me, I would have spent the next few hours checking it out, trying to carve something, throwing it into the dirt to see if I could make it land straight - but this one is actually too big to do any good throwing really.

But Jack is Jack and away it went somewhere in his room. He has his way of doing things and they continue to be a marvel and a mystery to me. I love that about him.

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