Sunday, November 08, 2009

The night we left for Ohio to go to Sam's funeral Mom told me about a visit your brothers had with their doctor earlier in the day. It seems that Joe has an irregular heartbeat and his doctor wanted us to visit your cardiologist, Dr. Hougen. I thought we were done with him. I asked mom if she thought that he knew you were dead. He and Dr. Jonas did a great job patching you up for a long life.

While we know it won't be anything - right, it wasn't fun to revisit the wearing of the vest.

We remember when you had to do this. It recorded your heart beat for 24 hours or something like that. You had something, though.

What you didn't have was a 2009 Mark Teixeira World Series jersey. Your lucky little brother scored big when I had to travel to New York for work while the Yankees were in the World Series. My hotel was just around the corner from the Yankees store on Fifth Avenue so I popped over there and got him a jersey. I can't help myself from spoiling those two brothers of yours. Funny thing is when I was on the train up there the conductor went through the car asking if you were a Yankees or Phillies fan. They gave you a t-shirt depending on what team you were supporting.

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